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Appetizer with spring greens

Appetizer with spring greens

The nettles are cleaned under a stream of cold water, then scalded in plenty of boiling water with a little salt. Strain and leave to cool. Meanwhile, the onion, garlic, kapia pepper, cleaned, washed and finely chopped, fry in a little olive oil, in a wok bowl, over low heat. After the vegetables have softened, add the finely chopped nettles and season with salt and pepper. Beat the goose egg well with 2-3 tablespoons of flour and 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, then add over the mixture of greens, lightly incorporate to combine the flavors, then place the dish in the oven over medium heat for approx. 30 minutes. After passing the toothpick test, take it out of the oven, sprinkle with grated cheese and put it back in the oven, be careful, without fire;) Increase and good appetite!

Spring greens: nettles. Recipes and benefits

The young nettle leaves are found starting with March and until mid-April. Their harvesting is done manually, by breaking the stem, it is recommended to wear gloves due to irritating brushes. They contain histamine, folic acid and other substances that cause itching, redness and swelling.

Nettle is a perennial plant with origins in Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia. Gradually, nettle became very popular around the world, thanks to the taste and benefits to the body.

Since ancient times, nettles have been used as medicinal plants. For example, in ancient Egypt they were used as a remedy for back pain and arthritis, and soldiers put their nettle leaves on the skin for the warm sensation they caused.

In traditional European medicine, nettles were used to treat rheumatism, gastrointestinal problems and urinary tract disorders. Infusions were prepared from the leaves or applied directly to the skin to relieve and treat muscle pain.

Nutritional values

Nettles are plants very rich in quality vitamins and nutrients.

100 grams of nettles contain:

-Folic acid & # 8211 14 mcg
-Calories & # 8211 42 kcal
-Vitamin A & # 8211 2,011 IU
-Vitamin B & # 8211 0.103 mg
-Vitamin K & # 8211 498.6 mcg
-Fiber & # 8211 6.9 g
-Calcium & # 8211 481 mg
-Fier & # 8211 1.64 mg
-Magnesium & # 8211 57 mg
-Phosphorus & # 8211 71 mg
-Zinc & # 8211 0.34 mg
-Potassium & # 8211 334 mg
-Protein & # 8211 2.71 mg

The benefits of nettles

Despite the irritating effect, nettles can be eaten safely if properly prepared so that the body benefits from their qualities. Nettles are consumed in various preparations, in the form of tea or nutritional supplements, bringing the body the following benefits:

& # 8211 reduce inflammation & # 8211 due to compounds that relieve inflammation in the body and soothe pain
& # 8211 reduce blood pressure & # 8211 nettle stimulates the production of nitrogen oxide, which helps to dilate blood vessels, regulate heart rate, thus promoting blood pressure balance
& # 8211 regulating blood sugar
& # 8211 treating skin conditions & # 8211 nettle creams help treat burns and various minor wounds
& # 8211 fight anemia & # 8211 due to its rich iron content, nettles are beneficial in preventing and combating anemia
& # 8211 Allergy treatment & # 8211 Nettle extract inhibits the production of histamine, which triggers allergy symptoms (sneezing, itching, nasal congestion)
& # 8211 Maintaining a healthy liver & # 8211 The antioxidant properties of nettles help protect liver health.

How are nettles chosen and harvested?

The period conducive to nettle harvesting is in early spring, when the plants are almost 30 cm long and have not yet flowered. The young and tender leaves are the most delicious, compared to the mature ones, which have a bitter taste.

Always pick leaves with protruding jagged edges, covered with down. The leaves should be firm, green and fresh.

How are nettles prepared?

Once harvested, you can begin the process of preparation for preparation or storage. It would be advisable to use gloves while washing them well with water and breaking their leaves.

Then, put the nettle leaves in a bowl with warm water and vinegar, and leave for 10 minutes. The purpose of this process is to eliminate the substances that cause irritations.

After this time of 10 minutes, rinse the leaves well and boil for another 10 minutes. Now they can be cooked or stored in the refrigerator in airtight bags, for a maximum of 4 days, or in the freezer for up to 8 months.

Nettle recipes

Stinging nettle soup

You need: 400 g of nettles, a carrot, 2 bundles of green onions, a bunch of green garlic, a bunch of leurda, a parsnip root, 50 g of round grain rice, 2-3 tablespoons of oil, 500 ml of borscht, salt and pepper

Preparation: boil the nettles, strain and keep the water. Chop the carrot, parsnip and green onion and place in a pan in which the oil has been heated to simmer. Add the rice and cook for another two minutes. Add the water left over from boiling the nettles, a little salt and let it boil for 12 minutes. After this time add the nettles and cook for 5 minutes. Then add the borscht and cook for another minute.

At the end, finely chop the green garlic and leurda, add it over the soup and turn off the heat.

Nettle food

You need: 5 hands of nettles, a large onion, 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 cloves of garlic, 200 ml of milk and 3 tablespoons of flour

Preparation: the boiled nettles are put in a blender until a puree is obtained. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add flour. Heat the oil in a pan and cook the chopped onion. Add the nettle puree over the seasoned onion, then pour the milk and mix well, letting it boil until it becomes a homogeneous composition. Leave the food on the fire for almost 10 minutes, add the garlic and cook for another 2 minutes.

Appetizer with spring greens - Recipes

Every time I get to the market I buy too many greens for how much I can eat in time to not wither, so I have to find options for dishes that include large quantities. Because it is made very quickly and without hassle, that is exactly what I needed on Sunday night, I decided on a simple tart with spring greens and feta cheese, which I changed the dough into a vegan one, and for a more rustic look, I pulled the dough over the filling and turned it into a galette.

I really like simple foods, with delicious taste from the ingredients used, and not from all kinds of additives. Here the flavor came from leurda hardened in its own juice & # 8211 I didn't need either onion or garlic & # 8211 and the combination with feta cheese and crunchy vegan dough with a light coconut flavor was wonderful.

Eating healthy does not necessarily mean using superfoods or looking for all sorts of combinations. Most of the time, simple recipes are the ones that have the highest intake of nutrients, and do not require the digestive system in an excessive way. With so much information, recipes and opinions appearing online and in magazines, maybe we get confused and move away from the right choices, the right choices for our body and our energy state. That's why I was happy when I found out about the vegetarian and raw-vegan nutrition workshop organized by Evoluam Impreuna on April 5 in Bucharest, because many times we need someone to order and guide us among all the contradictory information about nutrition and health, which bombards us from all sides.

The nutrition and raw-vegan food preparation and demonstration seminar organized by Evoluam Impreuna is organized by Cristian Margarit and Florentina Gionea , and will contain essential information about vegetarian and raw-vegan nutrition, vegetarian / vegan recipes prepared live and, very interestingly, prepared for the daily diet and for the traditional Easter meal.

Cristian Margarit , one of the greatest specialists in nutrition and fitness in Romania, will teach us what it means to form a really healthy diet , which means vegetarianism and raw veganism, which involves the adoption of a vegetarian / raw-vegan diets , whose aspects you must pay special attention when you decide to enter the vegetarian / vegan camp, what nutrients they contain staple foods from this diet and how it helps you stay away from doctors . Cristian is the founder of the, and projects.

Florentina Gionea , gastronomy specialist with international accreditation, nutrition and wellness advisor, will prepare in real time a range of vegetarian / raw-vegan dishes, suitable for both daily diet , as well as for traditional Easter meal . He explained in detail how to prepare and will share with us his intercultural experience in terms of gastronomy.

What else will you find out:

  • how to prepare vegerarian / raw vegan simple and fast
  • how to combine foods so as to ensure your nutritional needs
  • tips and tricks to develop your creativity in the kitchen
  • tips and tricks for the advantageous purchase of the ingredients necessary for the vegetarian / raw vegan diet
  • food traps: what foods to avoid
  • superfoods
  • steps to make the transition to a vegetarian / raw vegan diet
  • what problems do you solve with the vegetarian / raw vegan diet

Saturday, April 5, 10:00 - 15:00.

Location: Ibis Hotel, Gara de Nord, Sala Enescu B, Calea Grivitei no. 143

Investment: 105 lei

Or, 85 lei for the payment of the workshop until March 28 inclusive.

If you want to register for this seminar, you must enter the website of Evoluam Impreuna.

And finally, my Spring Galette recipe!

Ingredients for Tart with spring greens

For the Dough

3 tablespoons coconut butter

1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt

1 tablespoon blackcurrant seeds (nigella)

3-4 tablespoons of very cold water

For the filling

2 bundles of leurda (which you can take directly from the forests near Bucharest, flooded everything with its beautiful green)

1 country egg or organic

1 tablespoon pine nuts

1 tablespoon raw sunflower seeds

The dough is prepared first, incorporating with your fingers the coconut butter in flour mixed with salt and blackcurrant seeds, until you get crumbs of dough, which is filled with cold water until you get a heavy and compact dough, which is wrapped in foil and store in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, wash the spinach, butter and leurda well, roughly break the leaves and put them in a cast iron pan over low heat. In a few seconds the leaves will soften, and let the liquid & # 8211 mix from time to time in the pan with a wooden spoon, until it evaporates, then put the greens in a bowl and let it cool. Mix the yogurt, egg, feta cheese and seeds with the greens, season with fresh pepper and set aside for the flavors to blend. Set the oven at 175 degrees. Remove the dough from the fridge and spread it with a rolling pin in a circle, on the surface covered with flour. Place the sheet of dough on baking paper, which is placed on an oven tray. Distribute the filling on the surface of the dough sheet, keeping 5 -6 centimeters uncovered, all around. The uncovered edge rises above the filling, and a galette shape is obtained. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes and serve hot or cold.

Appetizer with spring greens - Recipes

Just like any borscht, the one in the valley also takes full advantage of mixing the ingredients, proving once again that any soup is better if we throw in the pot almost everything we can (not just by chance, of course!). As we all know, this is the secret of borscht in the boiler. And if it is good to boil a handful of all the garden products for a vegetable soup, or for a meat borscht, it is optimal to combine at least pork and beef, exactly the same happens in the case of this spring borscht: the ideal is to we send in the pot a little of all the seasonal greens. Stevia, loboda, nettles, leurda, green onions and the others will join forces so that we can find on the plate a borscht of the tastiest greens. Sure, it's a little more work to wash & amptocat, but our efforts will be fully rewarded.

For the demonstration, we have to wait on the kitchen table

1 large bowl with spring greens (the above mentioned, not necessarily all, but others may intervene),
1-2 onions,
1-2 carrots,
4-5 potatoes,
0.5-1 l of borscht (depending on everyone's taste),
dill, parsley, lovage,
salt and pepper.

First, of course, all the ingredients must be cleaned, washed and chopped / chopped according to each type.

Boil the carrots and onions in about 3 liters of salted water. When the vegetables start to soften, add the potatoes, after about 10 minutes the greens, another 5 minutes and it's the turn of the borscht, cooked separately. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with chopped greens, put the lid on and leave the borscht alone for about half an hour before inviting people to the table.

The borscht variants of greens, of course, are very numerous, starting with the proportions between the ingredients (I wouldn't think it would be the same twice anyway), continuing with other optional vegetables (celery, parsley, parsnip), possibly replacing the potatoes with rice and ending with the tights (with sour cream, possibly with a yolk). I'm not insisting, I'm just saying that if you don't straighten it, it's absolutely perfectly cold, even taken out of the fridge, especially if it has warmed up well outside.


Butter & # 8211 spring greens

Buttermilk is found mainly in the forest, but also in parks and gardens. Also popularly called "lamb salad", the buttermilk is popular in Romania, being one of the most beloved spring greens, along with leurdă, nettles, loboda and many others.

The butter has heart-shaped leaves, fleshy, whole, shiny, with rounded edges, completely devoid of hairs. At the junction of the leaf with the stem that supports it, there are small bulbs, in the shape of a grain of wheat, through which the plant multiplies.

Buttermilk has only 11 calories per gram and is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It also contains vitamin K, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Due to its content of vitamins and minerals, when introduced into the diet, buttermilk can protect against osteoporosis and anemia. It is also used to treat indigestion, allergies or acne. About the salad extract is believed to be valuable for skin conditions, wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids.

Ingredients for 6 servings:

  • 1 kg of new potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • ½ cup of red lentils, well washed
  • 2 thin leek threads
  • 6 chopped radishes
  • ¼ cup of chopped dill
  • Dressing ingredients: 1 small chopped onion, 1 teaspoon mustard, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon vinegar, 4 tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Method of preparation:
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Prepare the dressing by mixing all the crushed ingredients in a bowl. Leave it in the fridge to cool. Meanwhile, cut the new potatoes in half, after you have washed them well beforehand. Place them in a tray covered with baking paper. Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil over them, season with salt and pepper, then mix well so that all the potatoes are covered with oil and spices and leave them in the oven for about 40 minutes.

While the potatoes are in the oven, put water to boil in a pot and, when it boils, pour the lentils. Let it boil for 15 minutes, then drain it in a sieve and put it in a bowl. Mix it well while it is still quite warm with 2 tablespoons of dressing and a little more salt if needed.

Chop the leeks and, after removing the potatoes from the oven, place the chopped leeks in the same tray. Grease it with the remaining olive oil, but season it with salt and pepper. Put the tray back in the oven and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

At the end, mix all the prepared ingredients in a large bowl and eat with fresh dill on top.

25 Aperitifs Perfect for Spring 2021 - Other - Nc to do


Small bites are essential for spring consumption. Seasonal ingredients become readily available for cutting, slicing and soaping into fresh, delicious meals. Whether you're entertaining a large or intimate group, it's helpful to have appetizers on hand to soothe your guests' appetites. It's common to pair spring appetizers with seasonal cocktails and completely skip the main course. Versatile and hung with mating possibilities, these recipes will make planning your next gathering so much… MORE DIFFERENT.

Spring ahead with these 25 delicious appetizers perfect for the new season.

Crostini breakfast

Not only are they reserved for breakfast, these crostini ideas make excellent options for appetizers for any time of the day. Homemade ricotta cheese, jams and fresh fried market top fruits are great to keep in mind for your next brunch event.

Breakfast Crostini recipe from the honest Yum

Tacos fish

Fish tacos can be served either as a starter or as an appetizer. If you plan to have a light fare that can be easily eaten without cutlery, fish tacos should take you this spring.

Fish Tacos with Mango Cucumber Salsa Recipe from Closing and Tasty

Avocado cake

Avocado is rich in nutrients and a wonderful ingredient to explore for the spring appetizer menu. Having avocado toast can be prepared in a variety of ways and is delicious with additions such as fresh spring herbs, lime, tomatoes and sea salt.

Spruce avocado toast

Strawberry salsa

A light, invigorating strawberry salsa is a fun twist on the classic favorite of party snacks. Fresh strawberries incubated in salsa will pair well with spring daisies.

Top and Closed Salsa Strawberry Recipe

Nachos sweet potatoes

When you are short on time and looking for a quick and easy starter, try these sweet nachos potatoes. Crispy sweet potato jams are mostly thyme, with a hint of sweetness that makes the bites irresistible.

Nacho sweet potato recipe from the honest Yum

Chilled asparagus + sweet corn soup

Chilled soup is a great way to lighten spring appetizers. Asparagus is in season and compliments vegetable corn in this spring recipe.

Chilled Asparagus + Sweet Corn Soup Recipe from Hello My Dumpling

Bloody salad

In the spring, blood oranges make their final appearance of the season. Enjoy most of them with a large bowl of this delicious orange blood salad to share with guests.

Blood salad with beans mixed from the Close and tasty

Green bean salad

Another versatile spring crop is green beans. Unexpected changes to the nests on this dinner stand make the most appealing appetizers for spring gatherings. We like the idea of ​​combining clementines, bulgur and feta for a refreshing citrus taste.

Green bean salad with clementines, wheat Bulgur recipe and spruce feta

Mexican Street Corn Casserole

Cinco de Mayo means spring! The Mexican corn casserole is a dish that we can sit back to welcome the season.

Mexican pork recipe with saucepan from Honestly Yum

Sugar beet + free salad

A lettuce and cereal salad is stuffed and easy to serve among guests. Fresh vegetables are essential for this dish, so the store fits in with what is in season.

Free Sugar Beet + Salad Recipe from Hello My Dumpling

Homemade pizza

When in doubt, return to a homemade pizza for the success of the appetizer. This pizza recipe is complete with cilantro-pesto and shrimp to welcome the spring party.

Homemade pizza with Cilantro recipe - Pesto and Shrimp from Sus and Tasty

Spring vegetable parsley

Spring vegetables are also delicious chopped and diced into small pieces to make delicious, warm pots. These little dumplings are satisfying and will still evoke all the seasonal feelings for your guests.

Spring vegetable recipe for spring vegetables from Smitten Kitchen

Quinoa salad with mint and parsley recipe

Quinoa is a great bean to have the latest entertainment spring. Quinoa is filling and is a wonderful base for fresh plants such as mint and parsley. If you need a budget-friendly starter that works with everything you could have in the fridge, go back to quinoa.

Quinoa salad with fresh mint and parsley Spruce recipe

Satay chicken salad

A fun appetizer for self-prepared guests is the satay chicken salad. Create a station with all the ingredients and allow your company to dedicate itself to satisfying food.

Satay chicken salad from Yum sincerely

Sunflower salad and arugula

Edible flowers are the most beautiful fresh lettuce.Impress your guests in taste and presentation with this delightful spring appetizer.

Sunflower salad and arugula from harvest and honey

Avocado cup salad

Sometimes you just want to eat avocado right off your skin. Fortunately, the outer edge of an avocado makes a handy bowl for spring bites.

Avocado salad recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Halloumi, green beans and potato salad

Another delicious idea for popular green beans is to pair them with halos and potatoes for a filling spring salad. Grilled halloumi is a great excuse to take the grill out of hibernation.

Halloumi, Green Bean and Potato Salad recipe from spruce

Asparagus with almonds and yogurt clothes

Asparagus has many wonderful health benefits and is delicious both as an appetizer and as a side dish. Put some yogurt and almond dressings over the main spring vegetation.

Asparagus with almonds and yogurt Dressing recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Tomatoes and almond tart

Not even pizza, this tomato and almond tart will give you a good use for spring tomatoes. The perfect balance between sweet and thyme makes it an excellent starter for meetings.

Tomato and mandarin recipe from Sincer Yum

Fried beets and Hummus sugar tomatoes

A bath appetizer is almost a requirement for any gathering. The rich color and taste of this beetroot and sun-dried tomato humus is a great option for spring entertainment.

Sun Dried Beetroot and Tomato Recipe Harvest and Honey Hummus Recipe

Fried artichoke with Chipotle Spiced Aoili

Artichoke is another vegetable that is on the list of spring products. A kind of fried beef and artichoke dishes is a sophisticated appetizer idea for an intimate event.

Fried artichokes with chili AIili cut from spruce

Mediterranean girl with tomatoes with tomatoes

Any Mediterranean sounds fresh and appeals to spring sensibilities. Set this delicious appetizer out with fresh bread or biscuits and try to keep up with the demand for a few seconds!

Mediterranean fruit recipe with tomatoes with tomato recipe from Smitten kitchen

Grilled Shishito Peppers

Simple, fast and punctual. Grilled shishito peppers will be instant favorites at any spring party you throw away.

Grilled Shishito Peppers recipe from Up Close and Tasty

Watermelon, white cheese and roasted pecan salad Focaccia

Foccacia not only tastes great, but looks beautiful on a spring table tool. This particularly beautiful bread has sweet and savory elements to taste happy pre-meal.

Watermelon, white cheese and roasted pecan salad on the Harvest and Honey Focaccia recipe

Spring rolls with shrimp

Another starter that brings all the senses of spring is appropriately called spring rollers. Spring wheels are convenient to serve and delicious food. The spring wheels sit well on their own with cocktails and are an intro dish to the main table.

Frittata with greens - the taste of spring

Weekend recipe: Frittata with greens is one of the easiest spring recipes that anyone can prepare. Here's what to do for a delicious meal.


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Weekend recipe: Frittata with greens is one of the easiest spring recipes that anyone can prepare. Here's what to do for a delicious meal.

-a sprig of green onions

nettle seeds (washed and cleaned)

We heat the oven to 200 degrees, although the last action will come in, it must be heated when the turn comes. On the stove, in a frying pan, melt a cube of butter and a drizzle of oil. In this mixture, sauté the chopped green onions beforehand, then the leurda and the nettles, also coarsely chopped. Over the greens, add a few tablespoons of sour cream and season with salt and pepper. At the end, add the beaten eggs over them and mix continuously with a spoon until the composition starts to take shape, about 5-7 minutes. We take the pan completely and put it in the oven and cook for another 10 minutes, to bake. It is ready to turn brown, and the edges come off the pan slightly.

Spring greens & # 8211 delicious recipes that you must try

Nettles, for example, can turn from superfoods into unpleasant-looking porridge with zero nutrients if we don't cook them properly.

Spinach is also often "tormented" in a stew, when in fact it would be much healthier if we ate it fresh, in a colorful salad, along with other vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.

And let's not forget the "star" of spring - leurda. We all know it tastes softer than garlic, but too few know how to eat it.

Because there are so many dilemmas and because we want to enjoy these nutrient-rich spring greens now, when they are in high season, I asked Ramona Duna, nutrition consultant and founder of the Healthy Plate concept, how to eat these delicacies and, especially, why. Here's what I found out!

4 recipes ideal for early spring

The first summer has officially begun and the time has come for us to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that appear this season. If there are any recipes, we have prepared 4 ideas, 2 of which are suitable for Father's Lent.

Lentils with nettles

Ingredients (4-6 people)

  • 500 g lentils
  • nettles (a large bowl)
  • 2-3 onions
  • 50 ml oil
  • salt & # 537i pepper
  • p & # 259trunjel

Method of preparation

The nettles are cleaned, washed well under running water and allowed to drain.

The lentils are rinsed and boiled with salt, according to the instructions on the package. Usually lentils boil very quickly and should not be left to soak, as we usually do with beans.

The onion is cleaned, washed, chopped and chopped. In a larger skillet with a double bottom, put the onion in a saucepan over medium heat. When it has softened a little, add the nettles and grind them.

The boiled lentils are drained through a strainer, but kept a little from the boiling juice.

Lentils are added over onions and nettles and mixed. You can add a little of the stopped juice.

The seasoning is seasoned with salt and pepper, and at the end we can add a little fresh parsley for a portion of vitamin C.

Along with a plate of lentils with nettles, a green salad, a hot pepper or a pickled cucumber go well.

Salad & # 259 with chestnut & # 539 & # 259 & # 537i cous cous

Ingredients (4 people)

  • 2 pcs & # 259 & # 539i chest chest & # 539 & # 259
  • 200 g cous cous
  • 150 g valerian & # 259
  • 10-12 ro & # 537ii cherry
  • 1/2 l & # 259m & acircie
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt & # 537i pepper

Method of preparation

The scalp is wiped off with a tissue, and the skin is swollen with a sharp knife. The important thing is that the skin is only notched and the texture does not reach the flesh. This is rubbed with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

The chestnut is placed in a cold pan with the skin on low heat over medium heat. Fry for about 7 minutes on the skin side, then turn on the other side for 1-2 minutes.

The pan with the grated breast is then placed in the preheated oven at 170 ° C for 5-7 minutes.

During this time we prepare the couscous according to the instructions on the package. It is mixed with a little salt and pepper, over which hot water is poured. Usually the proportion of hot water to a couscous can is provided. The vessel is covered and left for about 10 minutes, until it swells.

The grated breast is removed from the oven and placed on a wooden rack. We do not know you immediately, but we do not rest.

Valeriana se spală sub jet de apă, se scurge bine și se zvântă. O amestecăm cu sucul de la lămâie, sare și uleiul de măsline.

Se amestecă cous-cousul cu valeriana. Compoziția se împarte în patru farfurii.

Pieptul se taie felii subțiri, la fel și rosiile cherry.
Peste cous cous se așază feliile de carne, iar de jur împrejur se pun roșiile.

Budincă de post

Ingrediente (4 persoane)

  • 600 ml lapte vegetal (de cocos, de migdale, de soia sau de ovăz)
  • 100 g griș
  • 1/2 linguriță extract de vanilie
  • 150 g zahăr
  • fructe proaspete pentru pentru decor (mango, afine)

Method of preparation

Zahărul se pune la foc mic într-o cratiță de inox cu fund dublu și se caramelizează, amestecând mereu deoarece acest proces nu se face uniform. Aveți grijă să nu ardeți zaharul, pentru că va căpăta un gust amar. Culoarea trebuie să fie arămie.

Zaharul caramelizat se distribuie uniform pe pereții cratiței, rotind ușor cratița de mai multe ori.

În altă oală se pune laptele la foc mic. Atunci când începe să fiarbă ușor se toarnă grișul în ploaie. Compoziția se amestecă cu telul, pentru a nu se forma cocoloașe. Se ia oala de pe foc, se adaugă extractul de vanilie și apoi se toarnă în cratița cu zahărul caramelizat.

Se aprinde cuptorul la 170-180 ºC. Se toarnă apă fierbinte într-un vas de Jena, cam până la jumătate. Cratița cu budincă se așază în tavă și se dă la cuptor cca 25 de minute.

Când este gata, budinca se lasă să se răcească în cratiță și apoi se pune la frigider. Pentru grăbirea răcirii puteți pune cratita într-un vas cu apă rece. Înainte de a răsturna budinca, treceți ușor cu un cuțit ascuțit pe margine, pentru a se desprinde mai ușor. Budinca se răstoarna pe un platou și se decorează cu fructe.

Ruladă din albușuri cu cremă de vanilie și fructe

Ingrediente blat

  • 5 albușuri
  • 125 zahăr
  • 100 g făină
  • 2 linguri cacao
  • 1 strop de sare
  • 1/2 linguriță praf de copt

Ingrediente crema de vanilie

  • 450 ml of milk
  • 75 g zahăr
  • 4 gălbenușuri
  • 2 linguri amidon alimentar din porumb
  • 1 linguriță extract natural de vanilie
  • 50 g butter
  • 150 g căpșuni

Method of preparation

Se tapetează tava aragazului cu hârtie de copt. Se aprinde cuptorul la 175-180 ºC.

Albușurile se mixează cu zahărul și sarea până ce compoziția devine fermă și sta pe paleta mixerului. Apoi se adaugă praful de cacao, făina și praful de copt cernute. Se presară câte puțin și se încorporează cu o spatulă amestecând ușor de jos în sus.

Compoziția se repartizează în tavă, se nivelează și se dă la cuptor cca 10-12 min. Când este gata se scoate din tavă cu tot cu hârtia de copt și se așază pe un blat din lemn se lasă să se răcorească timp de câteva minute. Apoi se rulează ușor cu tot cu hârtie. Astfel vom putea rula mai ușor atunci când o vom umple.

Pentru crema de vanilie amestecăm cu un tel gălbenușurile cu zahărul și amidonul, într-o cratiță de inox. În altă cratiță punem laptele la foc mic când se înfierbântă se toarnă câte puțin peste prima compoziție. Se amestecă energic cu telul pentru a nu se face cocoloașe. Compoziția obținută se pune la foc mic și se amestecă până se îngroașă.

Cratița se dă deoparte și crema se amestecă pentru a se răcori ușor. Se adauga untul și extractul de vanilie și se dă la frigider 30 de minute.

Fructele se spală și se pun pe șervețele, pentru a absorbi rapid apa. Capșunile pentru interior se taie cubulețe, iar celelalte se taie felii sau jumătăți.

Se pun deoparte 1-2 linguri de cremă de vanilie, pentru exterior. Restul de cremă se întinde cu spatula pe foaia de ruladă și apoi se presară cubulețe de căpșuni. Se rulează ușor, dar destul de ferm.

Se repartizează apoi pe toată lungimea ruladei o fâșie de cremă, pentru a putea fixa fructele pentru decor. Acestea se așază astfel încât să facă priză cu crema de deasupra. Se pudrează cu zahăr și se dă la rece timp de cel puțin 30 minute înainte de servire.