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Global Subway Sandwiches Flavors

Global Subway Sandwiches Flavors

In honor of National Sandwich Day, The Daily Meal unwraps the sandwiches on Subway’s global menu

American sandwich shop Subway is celebrating National Sandwich Day Nov. 3 with nearly 38,000 shops in 100 countries. Subway had hoped to celebrate the annual sandwich day with the milestone of opening its 38,000th shop but Hurricane Sandy has forced some stores to close putting a damper on the company’s official tally.

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National Sandwich Day marks the anniversary of the birth of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich who is credited with inventing the sandwich during a marathon card game in the18th century. Subway serves approximately 2.6 billion sandwiches per year, many of which you won’t find on the menu in the U.S.

The chain claims there are more than 37 million possible sandwich variations using the ingredients found at Subway restaurants. While the Subway core menu is relatively the same no matter if your sandwich is made in Boston, Berlin, Brisbane or Beirut, Like other fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway adapts its menu to local customs, religious traditions and food preferences. In the Middle East, Subway restaurants are halal (pork is not sold) and in India, no beef or pork is served and several vegetarian-only Subway shops have opened.

Subway sandwich artists make a Wagyu beef sandwich served with tomato relish in Australia; a smoked chicken and cream cheese salad sandwich in Brazil; and a blend of corn, peas, and carrots in a mayonnaise-based sauce in India.

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.

Subway Panini Uae

A variety of soft drinks salads wraps and baked goods. Because of that they are generally considered to be one of the healthier choices when it comes to fast food.

Subway panini uae. Their slogan is eat fresh and theyve branded themselves as a healthy alternative to typical fast food establishments. Subway melt gourmet panini. Join the winning team and own your future with subway.

Healthy food sandwiches breakfast 399 min. Subway is a fast food restaurant that primarily sells sub sandwiches and salads. Veggie patty gourmet panini meal.

Discover better for you sub sandwiches at subway. Toronto subway has launched four new panini sandwiches on its core menu. Fast easy promotions reviews talabat.

The restaurant you have selected is currently closed. Steak melt gourmet panini. Subway melt gourmet panini meal.

Served in a freshly baked chapati bread. Subway is the home of the submarine sandwich. Oven roasted chicken 600 pizza sub with cheese 600 roast beef 600 spicy italian 600 steak cheese 600 subway club 600 subway melt 600 subway seafood sensation 600 sweet onion chicken teriyaki 600 turkey bacon guacamole 750 turkey breast 600 turkey breast black forest ham 600.

Select a new store. Order your menu from subway online now. Subway adds hot grilled paninis to its menu offering for breakfast and lunch.

View our menu of sub sandwiches see nutritional info find restaurants buy a franchise apply for jobs order catering and give us feedback on our sub sandwiches. Please choose another restaurant. Subway is known for their signature sub sandwiches but the popular food chain is making a bold change to.

Subway prices and locations. The new lineup features the chipotle steak cheese triple cheese chicken cordon bleu and italian bmt. The gourmet panini are served on fresh baked ciabatta and will be available at participating locations across the country.

The main menu item is their infamous sub but they also offer other items such as. Looking for subway delivery. Served in a freshly baked chapati bread aed 2300.

6 inch subway prices are very affordable but the footlong subs are a better value. Home dubai motor city subway. Order your menu from subway online now.

Fast easy promotions reviews talabat. Served in a freshly baked chapati bread.

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Nutrition Facts Of Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Below are the nutrition facts these three items give you significant calories for you.

  1. Nutrition Of Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich.
  2. The Ultimate Meatball Marinara Sandwich Nutrition.
  3. Nutrition Of Ultimate Spicy Italian Sandwich.

Nutrition Of Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich

  • Size: 216 Grams.
  • 315 Calories From Fat
  • 42 grams of carbs
  • 5 grams of sugar
  • 31 grams of protein
  • 35 Grams of fat
  • Calories: 600.
  • Fourteen grams of saturated fat.
  • 1330 milligrams of sodium.

The Ultimate Meatball Marinara Sandwich Nutrition

  • 9g of sugar
  • 30g of proteins730 calories
  • 80mg of cholesterol
  • 140 calories from fat
  • 45g of fat
  • 19g of saturated fat
  • 1g of trans fat
  • 5g of fiber
  • 1510mg of sodium
  • 53g of carbohydrates

Nutrition Of Ultimate Spicy Italian Sandwich

  • 2000mg sodium
  • 40g of carbohydrates52g fat
  • 21g saturated fat
  • 0.5g trans fat730 calories
  • 200 calories from fat
  • 3g of fiber
  • 5g of sugar
  • 28g of proteins
  • 95mg cholesterol

All three sandwiches will be available in more numbers from December 31st. But now, they are available only in limited stock.

11 Craziest Subway Sandwiches From Around The World

It's impossible not to look at France's sub without dreaming about booking a flight, ASAP.

Just because the chain has the same logo and assembly line-style sandwich-making system doesn't mean every single Subway is the same. Many countries have a local item on the menu you can't get anywhere else. Here are the ones that will make you want to add some stamps to your passport&mdashor, in some cases, take a hard pass.

The Sandwich: Smoked Chicken with Cream Cheese

The combination sounds strange at first, until you think about it this way: It's a riff on chicken salad, only using cream cheese instead of mayo, making the sandwich tangy, creamy&mdashand most importantly&mdashcheesy. Mayonnaise haters, bow down.

The Sandwich: Seafood Sub

Tuna may be a classic sub topping in the States, but in Russia, you can order another mayo-based protein. This version features thinly chopped crabmeat.

The Sandwich: Shortcut Bacon, Poached Egg and Cheese

If scrambled eggs aren't your thing, Australian Subway understands. Its breakfast sandwiches feature poached eggs, which you can customize with whatever cheese or veggies you want, and pile it high with short cut bacon, a thin-sliced bacon cut from the loin area of the pig.

The Sandwich: Chicken Fajita

You might expect classic German foods on the menu, but at these Subway locations, you're more likely to find the classics&mdashtuna, spicy Italian, chicken teriyaki&mdashand a few twists, like a riff on Philly cheesesteaks, and the sub shown, which features chicken strips tossed in Fajita seasoning.

The Sandwich: Italian Sausage

The Spicy Italian may be popular in the States, but in China, the preferred sub swaps salami and pepperoni for sausage.

The Sandwich: Steakhouse Melt

Steak from a fast food chain? Believe it. This toasted sandwich features melted cheese, vegetables and a slab of thick-cut beef.

The Sandwich: Shrimp and Avocado Sub

Bubba Gump would approve of this combo. Sadly, it's far, far from Bayou La Batre, Alabama.

The Sandwich: Aloo Patty Sub

Seasoned potato patties on bread? It's carbs on carbs, and we don't mind one bit.

The Sandwich: BBQ Rib

McRib lovers, you can get a shortrib pork patty right this second. All it takes is a trip to Mexico.

The Sandwich: Chicken Tikka

Tikka, a traditional Indian sauce, is so popular in the U.K. that it's become a favorite on the menu at Subway.

The Sandwich: Pepperoni Pizza Toastie

Okay, so technically this is categorized as a snack, not a sandwich, but it's meat and cheese on bread, therefore it counts in our minds. This roll's slathered with marinara, pepperoni and Monterey Jack cheese.

2. Moutabel

Before going to Jordan I always thought of baba ghanoush when I thought of a Middle Eastern roasted eggplant dip – and I loved it. But when I was in Jordan, I discovered that while baba ghanoush is available, by far the more common roasted eggplant dip available is moutabel, which is similar to baba ghanoush, but quite different. One of the main ingredient differences is that moutabel uses yoghurt in its recipe. You can read more about the differences in this well researched post.

I’ve always loved eggplant in all its forms, especially when it’s roasted over fire, to give it a wonderfully smoky taste and a smooth and creamy consistency. For moutabel, the roasted and peeled eggplant is combined with yoghurt, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.

Where: Hashem Restaurant serves an excellent bowl of moutabel. Address: Complex No 4, Prince Mohammad St 4, Amman Open hours: 24 hours

Hummus is a huge part of Jordanian cuisine

Subway is facing 2 problems that are wrecking its business

The sandwich chain's revenue fell 4.3% to $1.11 billion last year, following a 2.6% drop the previous year, according to a franchise disclosure document cited by Bloomberg.

It also recently lost its status as the second most popular fast-food chain in the US, based on systemwide sales. Starbucks overtook Subway to snag the second-place spot, behind McDonald's.

To make matters worse, the company last year lost its most lucrative spokesman, Jared Fogle, in the worst possible way: he was convicted and sentenced to more than 15 years in prison for having sex with minors and distributing child pornography.

Subway's chief marketing officer once credited Fogle for as much as half of the chain's growth since he became famous for losing more than 200 pounds while eating the restaurant's sandwiches.

Subway is trying to revive sales by making some menu changes — such as switching to antibiotic-free meats and removing artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives from its food in North America.

But the changes might be too little, too late, according to Neil Saunders, CEO of retail consulting firm Conlumino.

He says the company is facing two main problems that will plague its business going forward.

1. Subway grew too quickly.

"Especially in the US, it has expanded rapidly and therefore the opportunities to grow though new store openings are fairly limited," Saunders said. "This means that one of the key engines that once drove sales is only operating with a fraction of the power it once did."

Subway opened 911 new locations in the US last year, while closing 877, according to its franchise disclosure document.

"The outlook for 2016 is more optimistic based on the terrific feedback we received from our guests about our culinary improvements and exciting new menu offerings," the company said in a statement to Business Insider.

2. Consumers are tired of Subway's menu. Their tastes have changed, and Subway has been too slow to adapt.

"While Subway remains a top choice for many consumers who love its range and competitive pricing, other consumers have become bored with the offering," Saunders said. "This is especially true of younger millennials who prefer a more diverse range of options, including salads and healthier choices."

Subway rose to become one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world with more than 43,000 outlets by advertising a healthier, fresh alternative to traditional fast food like McDonald's or Burger King.

The chain was a pioneer in made-to-order sandwiches, prepared right in front of customers by employees taking orders in an assembly-line fashion.

But then other rivals, such as Chipotle and Panera, started offering even fresher options — like antibiotic-free meats and additive-free guacamole prepared on site.

The company's public image was hit particularly hard two years ago when blogger Vani Hari launched an online campaign against the chain for u sing the additive azodicarbonamide in its bread.

The campaign was successful, and Subway was forced to change the recipe for its bread as a result.

Now Subway is committing to remove all artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from its food over the next two years, as well as promising to switch to antibiotic-free meats.

Meanwhile the company has also been losing market share to cheaper rivals like McDonald's, Saunders said.

"Pressure is growing from chains like McDonalds," Saunders said. "While these don’t necessarily appeal to those wanting a healthier option, the introduction of offers like the all-day breakfast menu has definitely stimulated interest and has taken some share away from Subway."

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Global.Subway – Subway Wants To Hear From You!

Subwaylistens or Global Subway is a promotional advertisement program by the International Subway restaurant chain to know the customer’s experience.

Previously, consumers used to take the survey at Tellsubway.Com but now it has been changed to Subwaylistens.Com or Www.Global.Subway.Com.

Subway International says, we listen and we care. Here are some basic details of the Subway Listens Survey.

Take Subway Listens Survey 2021 At Www.Global.Subway.Com

To take part in the worldwide Subway survey, you need to follow the below instructions. Here is the homepage of the subwaylistens looks.

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Here are the following questions which you might face during the survey process.

  • Taste or Quality of the Subway Meal.
  • Speed of Service.
  • Experience with Staff.
  • Cleanliness of Restaurant.

Get A Free Fountain Drink Or A Cookie

Once the Subway International survey is done, you will get one unique offer code. Kindly, note the offer code on your purchase receipt.

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Global.Subway Survey Rules

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Thus, if you follow the above rules, then, you can complete the Subwaylistens (Global.Subway) survey within a minute.


In 1965, a nuclear physicist, Peter Buck gave an Idea to his student Fred DeLuca to open a Submarine Sandwich food restaurant.

In 1974, Peter & Fred owned 16+ restaurants throughout Connecticut.

Now, SUBWAY has more than 44,000 shops in 110 countries. With the help of Peter Buck’s financial aid of $1000, a 17-old year young boy Fred DeLuca opened Subway’s first restaurant shop.

Subway Restaurant targets people between the age of 16 & 39. Moreover, the essential reason for it is, most of the country population lies in between the following age.

Subwaylistens Survey Contact Support

Phone Number: 1-888-445-9239

Email Address: [email protected]

Mail To:
Value Pay Services LLC,
9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami,
Florida 33156.


Subwaylistens Or Global.Subway is the best way to collect various types of opinions from its loyal customers. By which they can know the Pro tips and Con tips from loyal customers. So that, they can improve their restaurant standards in various sectors. Hence, participate in the Subway Listens Survey ASAP.

Thus, to get Free Cookies & Fountain drink, follow the above instructions carefully and visit the official site. Now, fill out the short survey and get an entry to win FREE COOKIE.

Subway’s tuna is not tuna, but a ‘mixture of various concoctions,’ a lawsuit alleges

Subway describes its tuna sandwich as “freshly baked bread” layered with “flaked tuna blended with creamy mayo then topped with your choice of crisp, fresh veggies.” It’s a description designed to activate the saliva glands — and separate you from your money.

It’s also fiction, at least partially, according to a recent lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The complaint alleges the ingredient billed as “tuna” for the chain’s sandwiches and wraps contains absolutely no tuna.

A representative of Subway said the claims are without merit. The tuna sold at the chain is wild-caught, the company says, which is how the vast majority of tuna is harvested. Only a tiny percentage of bluefin and yellowfin tuna is farmed.

The star ingredient, according to the lawsuit, is “made from anything but tuna.” Based on independent lab tests of “multiple samples” taken from Subway locations in California, the “tuna” is “a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna,” according to the complaint. Shalini Dogra, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, declined to say exactly what ingredients the lab tests revealed.

“We found that the ingredients were not tuna and not fish,” the attorney said in an email to The Washington Post.

Two plaintiffs are identified in the complaint: Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin, both residents of Alameda County in the Bay Area. But attorneys for Dhanowa and Amin hope to get their claim certified as a class action, which could open the case up to thousands of Subway customers in California who purchased tuna sandwiches and wraps after Jan. 21, 2017.

Dhanowa and Amin are suing Subway for fraud, intentional misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and other claims under federal and state laws. Among other accusations, the plaintiffs argue they “were tricked into buying food items that wholly lacked the ingredients they reasonably thought they were purchasing” based on Subway’s labeling, packaging and advertising.

What’s more, the plaintiffs argue, Subway is “saving substantial sums of money in manufacturing the products because the fabricated ingredient they use in the place of tuna costs less money.” They argue they paid premium prices for an ingredient that they prize for its health benefits (although the government suggests people, especially young children and pregnant women, limit their intake of tuna because of mercury contamination). In suburban Washington, for example, the price of a foot-long tuna sandwich at a Subway outlet costs $7.39. The same size cold-cut combo sandwich, by contrast, runs $6.19.

“Consumers are consistently misled into purchasing the products for the commonly known and/or advertised benefits and characteristics of tuna when in fact no such benefits could be had, given that the products are in fact devoid of tuna,” the lawsuit claims.

According to Subway’s nutritional information page on its website, the tuna salad for its sandwiches contains flaked tuna in brine, mayonnaise and an additive to “protect flavor.” A spokeswoman for Subway said the nutritional information is up to date.

Subway Launches New Club Sandwich Lineup

While a club sandwich traditionally features bacon, turkey and lettuce, Subway is proving its new innovative approach to the classic sandwich is far from traditional. The new Club Collection turns the rules upside down by modernizing these iconic sandwiches with a kick of spicy jalapeños, steak, and creamy guacamole.

These crave-worthy, chef-inspired recipes for the Club sandwiches are:

  • The Southwest Chipotle Chicken Club includes chicken strips, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, Chipotle Southwest sauce, and guacamole, piled high on Jalapeño Cheddar bread
  • The Steak Club features shaved steak, turkey, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise, all on freshly baked bread
  • The American Club features turkey, Black Forest ham, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on Artisan flatbread

Along with these new rule-breaking sandwiches, Subway’s new Club Collection is accompanied by a creative campaign, “Breaking Club Traditions,” created by Subway’s agency of record Dentsu Aegis Network. The campaign brings Subway’s twist on the club to life through scenarios that shake up traditions in other kinds of clubs, such as country clubs, chess clubs and motorcycle clubs and begin airing on April 25.

Subway continues to deliver unexpected flavors to its guests that they cannot find anywhere else, like the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sandwich and the Green Goddess Tuna Melt. The Club Collection not only brings the heat with a Jalapeño Cheddar bread that is baked fresh with whole jalapeños and Monterey cheese, but it also delivers a trifecta of savory steak, turkey and bacon.

Subway Launches New Ciabatta Collection and Hubert’s Lemonade

Subway introduced Thursday a new Ciabatta Collection and Hubert’s Lemonade, poured exclusively at Subway. Available at participating restaurants in the U.S. now until September 4, guests can try the new Ciabatta Collection.

The new Ciabatta Collection blends new flavors together with guest favorites thanks to the freshly baked ciabatta bread, fresh mozzarella and three sauces that are available for a limited time paired with rotisserie-style chicken, Genoa salami or steak piled high with veggies. This craveable Collection comes in three new recipes:

The Italian with New Fresh Mozzarella is stepping things up a notch with Genoa salami, a layer of fresh mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, onions, banana peppers and a new balsamic sub sauce, stacked on premium Ciabatta bread.

The Chicken Pesto with New Fresh Mozzarella marries savory rotisserie-style chicken with fresh mozzarella, and is placed on Ciabatta bread. Then it’s topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and finished with a new basil pesto sauce.

The Garlic Steak & Provolone takes layers of tender shaved steak topped with a Sub Spice Seasoning and stacks it on Ciabatta bread. Subway adds provolone, tomatoes, onion, green peppers and finishes it with new creamy garlic aioli.

For the first time ever, guests can also enjoy Hubert’s Lemonade poured right from the fountain or bubblers at Subway. The permanent addition of Hubert’s Lemonade to the Subway beverage fountain is the latest beverage innovation from the brand this year, with more is to come. Recently, Beverage Stations were introduced, bringing an array of bubbler beverages including Tropical Strawberry Lemonade and Pomegranate Limeade to guests nationwide.

To help celebrate the exclusive introduction of Hubert’s Lemonade to Subway, the two brands have created an experience on Snapchat to brighten fans’ mood with lenses, filters and more that can be unlocked with the purchase of a 30-ounce cup of Hubert’s Lemonade.

The Ciabatta Collection and Hubert’s Lemonade are the latest in a line of new flavor combinations. This year alone, Subway offered up Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, introduced a limited time only Signature Wrap line up, and brought King’s Hawaiian bread at select restaurants.

“Removing some of these ingredients will be relatively straightforward. Others will require significantly more effort . because of our size and scope. But, we felt it was important to set an ambitious goal as a means to give us something to shoot for and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to wellness.”

The sandwich shop will however introduce a new roast beef recipe, with garlic and pepper, and nothing sketchy added to it, so that's where their starting point for this move lies.

You'd think Subway would have pioneered this all-natural movement, but it took fast food chains such as Carl's Jr., Chipotle and even Taco Bell to get this train moving before Subway even thought about it, but they have taken baby steps throughout the years:


SUBWAY Restaurants' “Always Improving” Historical Timeline :

2015 – Introduced a new recipe roast beef that contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is made by roasting beef with increased levels of garlic and pepper.

2015 – Removed Caramel color from steak and pastrami.

2014 – Increased whole grains and removed caramel coloring from 9-Grain Wheat bread.

2014 – Each 9-grain footlong now contains 100% of the whole grain requirement and recognized by the Whole Grains Council with the Whole Grains Stamp.

2014 – All SUBWAY® sandwiches and salads free of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

2014 – New premium-cut white meat chicken strips contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

2014 – Removed Azodicarbonamide from all breads.

2013 – Spinach added as a core vegetable offering.

2012 – Introduced chopped salads nationally as a new way to enjoy a fresh, made-for-you salad.

2012 – Italian white bread now vegan friendly.

2012 – Met nutritional guidelines to receive and use American Heart Association Heart Check certification.

2012 – Offers a variety of sandwiches under 400 calories.

2011 – Fortified US Breads with calcium and vitamin D.

2011 – Nutrition calculator, available on, provides customized sandwich nutrition data.

2010 – Launched “A Better Breakfast” nationwide, which allows customers the same customization and veggie options they have come to expect at a SUBWAY® restaurant but now with egg white and omelet sandwiches.

2009 – Launched global sodium reduction initiative.

2008 – Artificial Trans Fats removed globally.

2007 – Added Fresh Fit Meals™ for adults and kids to menu, providing our customers new meal choices such as sliced apples, bottled water and milk.

2007 – Increased fiber content in wheat bread.

2001 – Complete ingredient and allergen listings available for sandwiches and salads.

2001 – Introduced new sauces and seasoned breads – including topped wheat bread

1998 – One of the first QSRs to list full nutrition for all menu items on detailed brochure and on

1997 – “7 under 6” menu introduced (now just referred to as the “Under 6” menu) and started promoting those healthier options on napkins, cups, clings, tray liners and menu boards.

1983 – One of the first QSRs to start baking bread in restaurants.

1965 – First sandwich shop opened in Bridgeport, CT, providing customers with made-to-order, handcrafted sandwiches at a great value while providing exceptional, personalized service.

It's good to see that Subway finally decided to take this natural step forward, even if it was probably forced by their competitors and negative PR.

Watch the video: Top 10 Subway Sandwiches Ranked WORST to BEST (January 2022).